"I believe that health is one of the most important things in life, and my passion for alternative therapies led me to light therapy."

Is being healthy a top priority for you?

Do you put up with not being well?
Have you tried any alternative therapies?

I believe that health is one of the most important things in life, and my passion for alternative therapies led me to light therapy. Many of you have possibly not heard of light therapy before – it is a simple, non-invasive, risk-free, and totally natural way of healing. For the most part, you simply identify where the pain is and then shine a special light on that area. And there you have it – it’s so simple.

However, what is different about this is that by owning your light, you are then able to look after your own and all your family members’ health – wouldn’t that be wonderful? The main benefit of light therapy is that it puts your body into the most receptive state, so the body heals itself by tapping into the universal energy (life force) that flows through and surrounds all of us.

The person who introduced me to light therapy told me about her amazing experience. Her neck had been immobilised for many years as a result of a bad car accident. After her first 4-minute treatment, she felt a very slight movement in her neck – for her that was incredible. She bought a light and continued to treat herself on a daily basis. After two months, she had full movement in her neck. This is one of countless success stories that have been achieved by using the light.

About me

Several years ago I reassessed my values and realised that it was important to follow my passion and make a real difference in people’s lives.

My aim as a Light Therapist/Intuitive Healer is to offer a mode of healing that is totally natural and free from any side effects. I love seeing people’s faces light up after a treatment. I also sell the lights, thereby enabling people to treat themselves in their own home at whatever time suits them.

Having researched and completed both the Foundation and Advanced Courses in Light Therapy and as a member of the Light and Colour Therapy Institute, I welcome you and look forward to meeting and sharing with you this form of therapy, using the wonder of LIGHT.


Your capacity to enjoy life is directly related to your physical, psychological, and spiritual health. The body is excellent at letting you know if it’s not functioning properly, thus symptoms are very useful tools. They tell you that your body is not happy, that you need to change something!

Discover how light therapy can relieve pain, ease anxiety and fatigue, help you recover from injuries faster, and aid the body’s return to good health.

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Light/Colour Therapy

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